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:community: Dear Everyone :community:

I'd like to start by apologizing to absolutely everybody including all admins, members, and watchers; this group would be nothing without YOU!

I think everyone deserves an explanation to why I have been away for almost 2 years, and therefore I will try to share it with you in the shortest way possible.

One of my photographs that I have taken on 7th January 2012, Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque,  has been stolen and mass produced without my consent. My image was placed on mugs, magnets, postcards etc. and sold for large sums of money to millions of tourists across United Arab Emirates. One might think it would be an honour, but to have your own work of art used as someone else's was absolutely devastating. I must say that it made me loose hope in humanity, photography, and art in general. It took over two years, but I'm tired of being defeated!

:bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque by MatusMajer:bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange: :bulletorange:

On top of this unfortunate selfish act of some businessman, my database of over 35,000 photos crashed at the same time as my backup. Luckily, I've managed to recover all the photos however, they were all mixed up. To date I still have over 15,000 photos to go through and organise accordingly.

It's been these two main unfortunate events in my life that took me away from what I love. But just like with any true hobby, you will always come back sooner or later.

What does this mean for Grand-Photography?
I have started something and I refuse to give up. I owe it to my dedicated members, watchers, and admins. I would like to thank you all, in particular Smufage who tried his absolute best with the rest of the team to keep this group going. I know that a new group has been created: The--Cutting--Edge & I plan to work together with the new group to making the dA community a better place.

Why won't I leave again?
We all learn from our own mistakes. One of the biggest mistakes that I have made, was giving up because of some events. I will never allow such to control my life again.

What's Next?
As I have just returned, please be informed that it will take some time to get this group fully functional. I plan to have it back running ASAP & will keep you all updated along the way!!

Pink Happy HeartTHANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORTPink Happy Heart

Yours Truely,
Matus Majer - Founder

P.S. Grand-Photography will be 3 years old on the 25th July 2015
Smurfage Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2015  Professional Interface Designer
MATUS!! Is it really you?? =P Touching story, I can't imagine how powerless you must have felt after that incident. I'm thrilled you pulled yourself together! :)

I currently have to split my available time with the two other groups I'm in, but will gladly help out here when we need it.

If you any need info about the group here including new admins, voting stuff, or info, I still recall all of the history and everything to get you up to speed. Just ask.

Never let a bad situation get the best of you. Very important life lesson!
MatusMajer Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015   Photographer
It is indeed... two years older and now in full time employment! It's good to be back, and I'm looking forward to building the group up and working together with your group as well. I just need a few days to get back into everything because I forgot quite a bit over the time that I was absent. Thanks for your help, I'll let you know if I'll need guidance. I'm going to have a holiday in two weeks time, so with the weekends and my holiday next - I'm sure I'll be able to get this up to speed again :) :) 
Smurfage Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2015  Professional Interface Designer
Excellent, and congrats! I check in here a few minutes, a few times per day. So absolutely, we can collaborate, and let me know if you need my help getting back up to speed. :) :thumbsup:
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