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Dear Grand-Photography family,

With some recent discussion amongst the team, we've decided to implement a new policy- image dimensions. It was with very careful consideration that we now require a submitted image to be:

:bulletred: Zoomable to a larger size, preferably at least 800px on either side.

:bulletred: If your image stretches the entire section without zoom, that will also be minimally acceptable.

Basically, make it zoomable so we can see the fine details. Your chances of denial are greater with small images- some details become blurred and it loses the grandiose feeling. Luckily, we know this isn't a problem for most of you.

Our judges go through very careful consideration with each of your submissions, spending possible hours - sometimes days - analyzing the pros and cons of your shots. One thing that became clear though... size matters. When photos are submitted with a small size (unable to be enlarged), it's very hard to get a "grand" feeling and a true taste of the subject shot. Even if the photo appears to be appealing, we can't get that taste for finer details and feel immersed in the shot. That's a huge factor in our decisions.

Now, we understand smaller shots are made due to "theft" reasons- that's totally understandable, but that also undermines your photos' potential and our ability to effectively judge. So if you're someone who submits a small photo to us for protective purposes, you have a choice to make: Your protection, or exposure via our group. Remember a creative, well integrated watermark can be highly effective at image protection and enhance the photo at the same time!

Feel free to voice any comments or suggestions!

See you next time! Keep sending your amazing shots!

Best Regards,

Hi everybody! It's your local co-founder here, giving you a well-deserved update as to what's going on with us.

Our founder, Matus, has been missing in action for 7 months as of now, with no trace. He's probably very busy or somewhere without internet. So that has the burden falling on the rest of us to make sure things are running smoothly. He probably thinks we've dissolved by now. We've gone through a slate of admins, adjustments to voting, quality considerations, and quality assurance to ensure our standards stay high.

:bulletblue: To any newcomers or those wondering, our acceptance rate averages 33%, based on the submissions received within an average week. I'm glad to say this number has increased over the last year, mainly because the submission quality has improved! So I want to say a giant THANK YOU to all the great members who took our advice to heart when reading feedback, and improving your shots and skill, sending your very best!

:bulletpink: At this time, we don't have the manpower or resources to hold any grand-prized contests. All we can do is hold contests within our group, with the prize of personal exposure. I'm sure this is fine with some of you!

:iconstarplz: Care to lend a hand?

We're always looking for volunteers to offer a couple minutes a day, or a week to helping judge submissions and leave helpful feedback to our great artists and our budding artists. The ideal judges would have a good knowledge of photo concepts and strong examples of photo work or pieces accepted into our gallery in the past. We're a small, friendly team who could use the help so submissions don't hang around for days. I know I hate waiting for the submission result! :)

If you wish to apply, send me a note- :iconsmurfage: -and we'll discuss.

:iconthumbsupplz: Lastly... Keep sending your best!

Remember... if you want a well thought-out critique of your photo, simply reply to the denial message. We're here to help, not just accept the best. We all want to be as good of photographers as we can! Don't get discouraged by a denial. It doesn't mean it's necessarily bad- it might just need some fine tuning.

Keep the following in mind when shooting/submitting:

:bulletgreen: The WOW factor: Bold, striking, captivating.

:bulletgreen: Lighting: Perfect use of exposures, highlights and shadows relative to your image and subject.

:bulletgreen: Emotional: Proper hues, overtones, undertones, subject theme. Produce a strong emotional response when necessary.

:bulletgreen: Focus: Very sharp where needed, well thought out.

:bulletgreen: Uniqueness: Take unique shots and perspectives that we've not seen before, especially for common subjects such as pets and flowers.

:bulletgreen: Have a grand composition... Make the shot worth a thousand words!

Looking forward to your best photos as always. See you around,


Dear Members,

We are pleased to announce an update to our submission processes. Please understand this is to keep our admins efficient as with growing numbers we are seeing more submissions.

We want to prevent any works from expiring, and therefore I'd like to introduce you to a new system where our admins will provide you a feedback only if you kindly request one. Do note, our professionalism is greater than ever before as admins are required to communicate with one another to discuss your works. Likewise, we use a voting system of 2/2 so a minimum of 2 admins always look at your work to prevent biases.

We thank you for your cooperation.
Best Regards,
Grand-Photography Team

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July 25th 2012 is the day that I've started this group to raise awareness about high quality photography. It's almost been a year, and in a few days we're celebrating the big day.

I'd firstly like to thank our hard dedicated admins for their time and effort. Many of you might not realize it but we do often spend a number of hours per week discussing the submissions. Just like any community we had our fair share of conflicts, but we are happy to be standing right here today motivated for the future successes of this group yet to come.

Secondly, I'd like to thank all of our members, all of the submitters of their beautiful works of art. Photography is art, and we appreciate every single submission as it's an honor seeing your high quality photos.  

We'd like to share this piece of cake with everyone:

P.S. We accept gifts too ;) if you'd like to get us a gift simply donate a few points to our groups donation pool. We'd really appreciate it. Thank You

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