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Dear Grand Photographers (and our watchers!),

In case you haven't noticed, our Founder has been absent for a long time now, leaving us moderators in control of (or lack thereof) the group. We have always wanted to have a more active group and get more involved with you guys, but due to lack of control I and my fellow admins have over the group's workings, we're stuck, and riddled with inconsistencies. Voting is irregular, feedback is erratic, and the standards have sunk over time. Not good!

Earlier this year, I made a list of the pros and cons of this great group, and what can be done to make it even better. In February, we made it happen, and it's working out wonderfully. It is everything Grand-Photography should have been all along!

So without further ado, I present to you :iconthe--cutting--edge: !

The--Cutting--Edge is Grand-Photography +1. It's cleaned up, bright-eyed and bushy tailed. Here are the improvements we've made, compared to this current group:

:bulletgreen: Small, streamlined, quality admin team. Proven to understand qualities and technicalities of photography.
:bulletgreen: Higher standard of acceptance.
:bulletgreen: Efficient voting system.
:bulletgreen: Dramatically reduced wait times: ( ~1-2 day vs. up to 1 week here)
:bulletgreen: NO expirations (unless we take a break, you'll be notified).
:bulletgreen: Much better handling of feedback/critique. You're not just automation submitting photos, you're a real person too, and we respect that more than ever.
:bulletgreen: Contests.
:bulletgreen: A cleaner look and professional feel. You take photography seriously, we take our duties seriously too! Photographers and watchers alike should be happy.

We began sending out personal invites some time ago, but it became a burden, so I'm cordially inviting everyone who has not yet joined, to please, please do so. We are very active in the new group, whereas here, as you have probably noticed, we are not. So join us at The--Cutting--Edge, and keep your submissions coming! Know any fellow photographers who might be interested? Invite them too! :) Our new group has a lot of promise, but we need your help (yes YOU!) to make it happen. :hug:

I should also mention, I encourage all of you to remain in this group as well in case the Founder, Matus, decides to return to the site. We have built a good empire here, and I'd hate to see it crumble, he would be proud. If he returns, this group would spring to life again!

I'll close by saying...

We have no control over the status of Grand-Photography, so consider it abandonware, mostly. You can still submit, but you're rolling the dice if your photo gets voted on or not. Our time and effort is being spent at our new home.

Thank you Grand Photographers for a great time, and hopefully in the future we can bring this place back to life, but for now, onwards and upwards!

Join us in The--Cutting--Edge! :iconhurrayplz:



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June 9, 2015


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